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Heritage Ohio Award for The Carlisle Building

The Carlisle Building was honored as the 2016 recipient for Best Commercial Rehabilitation by Heritage Ohio. The award was presented to Chesler Group, our project architect Schooley & Caldwell Associates and Adena Health System, our tenant.

Excerpt from our nomination:

People often look at historic buildings and declare “it’s too far gone, it can’t possibly be saved.”  The Carlisle Block Building, located in the heart of downtown Chillicothe, Ohio was such building. This prominent landmark had survived a serious fire in 2003, a nearby subterranean water main break, several failed renovation attempts, and 11 years of condemnation and being open to the elements.  The results of this neglect included a rear wall that had collapsed into the basement, taking out a portion of the floor structure; an incomplete roof structure; a dormer that was still moving away from the building; and foundations that had been washed away under major loadbearing masonry walls, resulting in cracks large enough to stick your arm through.  If there was ever a building ‘too far gone’ Carlisle represented it all.

The team’s commitment to preserve and protect the Carlisle involved exacting attention to detail using modern construction techniques blended with “old work methods.”  The project utilized both Federal and State Historic Tax Credits, with a total project cost of approximately $10MM. Moreover, it is the first project accepted into the JobsOhio Revitalization Program, which focuses on projects that benefit local and state economies. It is a fine example of how historic tax credits and other economic incentives contribute to saving our history. Importantly, the reconstruction and restoration of this iconic historic structure has been a catalyst to aid the revitalization of Downtown Chillicothe and its surrounding community. In fact, since the completion of the Carlisle project at least three more Downtown development projects have been in the works. Carlisle’s success story has strengthened confidence in the City and serves as a reminder that historic main streets greatly benefit from collaborative efforts to preserve and maintain the past for our future.



A Special Visitor at The Carlisle Building

Former President Clinton paid a visit to Chesler Group’s latest historic rehabilitation project, The Carlisle Building, yesterday, March 9, 2016. Clinton toured Chillicothe’s, Ohio most prominent landmark, which just recently has been restored to its old days’ glory by Chesler Group. Clinton met with Chesler Group’s tenant Adena Health System and Chillicothe’s Mayor Luke Feeney and enjoyed the story of Carlisle’s amazing transformation.

Clinton emphasized the importance of the Federal historic tax credit program for historic restoration projects, which he supported under his administration and continues to do so.


Courtesy of Adena Health System

Courtesy of Adena Health System



Courtesy of Adena Health System


Courtesy of Adena Health System

Courtesy of Adena Health System

64th Annual Design & Construction Conference and Trade Show Hosted by the Cleveland Engineering Society

Michael Chesler presented as a guest speaker at the 64th Annual Design & Construction Conference and Trade Show Hosted by the Cleveland Engineering Society on March 3, 2016.

He talked about the standard thinking, challenges, and enjoyment of 19th century architecture and juxtapose this with the ASM restoration of a historic, Modern building, which broke all the rules and caused us to rethink what a historic building is and how it should be renovated.

Abstract from Michael Chesler’s Presentation

The terms “historic building” and “historic redevelopment” come with a clear image of a 19th century brick and masonry building. From an engineering perspective, these buildings were well constructed using local materials and smart, stalwart engineering techniques. Block and tackle, horses, hand tools, and significant amounts of man power were deployed to raise the structure. Most of the engineers in this room have worked on these buildings and have varying degrees of interest, experience, and success with these projects.

In 2012, The Chesler Group, Inc. undertook the complete restoration of a Modern, 1950s vintage building that was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the youngest historic building in the USA undergoing a “historic” rehabilitation. There were no rules at the National Park Service as to how to manage the renovation of the materials, glass, steel, and specialty elements. In fact, the two materials that were considered the most sensitive and “historic” were concrete and glass and the latter is in very short supply in the typical 19th century building.


Architectural Gem Saved, Repurposed in Ohio

The Carlisle Building made it onto the front cover of the Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits – January 2016 issue.

“The centerpiece of city’s historic business district was recently rehabilitated thanks to The Chesler Group and one of the city’s largest employers, Adena Health System.”

Historic Building Saved, Repurposed in Chillicothe, Ohio by Mark O’Meara.

Please click below to read the full article.

Historic Building Saved, Repurposed in Chillicothe, Ohio

The Carlisle Block Building, Location: Chillicothe, Ohio, Developer: The Chesler Group

Speak up to support the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit!

October 26, 2015 News from the Cleveland Restoration Society

The Senate Finance Committee is developing plans to reform our nation’s tax code and Ohio Senator Rob Portman, as a committee member, has a big role to play. Join with the Cleveland Restoration Society, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and preservation partners across the country in asking him to make strengthening the historic tax credit a top priority! Click here to contact the Senator now!The federal historic tax credit combines with Ohio’s state historic tax credit to create a powerful incentive for revitalizing Ohio’s theaters, schools, factories and more, fueling the economy and preserving our irreplaceable heritage. Click here to learn more.

Despite a proven track record of delivering jobs and economic development while more than paying for itself, the federal historic tax credit could be weakened or eliminated through the tax reform process.

Take a moment to urge Senator Portman to support the federal historic tax credit and let him know that preservation matters to you!

The Cleveland Restoration Society is a member of the National Trust Partners Network. Founded in 1972, CRS uses the powerful tool of historic preservation to revitalize our diverse communities, strengthen the regional economy, and enhance the quality of life in northeastern Ohio.

Grand Opening Highlights

The News Watchman notably captured all the highlights of The Carlisle Building’s ribbon cutting ceremony that took place Monday, October 19, 2015.

“In 1885, I’m sure that a group of residents gathered here on this very spot to talk about a collection of brick, timber, and stone. It was a day of celebration, I’m sure, because their town now had an icon of success. Here we are today, celebrating a historic icon that represents the best of who we are as men and women,” said Chesler. “The Carlisle was a triple threat — burned, water damage, and neglect. For most, it was a defeat, but for me, it was an opportunity and a challenge … Like any endeavor, you break down a challenge to its component parts, work methodically, and never give up. While the Carlisle certainly scared me, it helped me to be stronger, smarter, and more diligent. Buildings and architecture represent our most important achievements as humans, and the very fabric of who we are is rooted in our buildings and our homes … In 1885, the Carlisle established Chillicothe as a success. Today, the Carlisle does it again.”

Please visit the link below for the entire article.

Rededicating a ‘Crown Jewel’: Ribbon cutting ceremony held at Chillicothe’s Carlisle building
– News Watchman

The Carlisle Featured in the Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch recently released an excellent article that showcases the rewarding, yet demanding, story of The Carlisle Building’s journey to restoration.

Chillicothe’s Historic Carlisle Building Gets New Life
– The Columbus Dispatch

The Carlisle Building’s Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

The grand opening of The Carlisle Building took place yesterday, Monday, October 19, 2015. The two-part event included an extraordinary and welcoming community ribbon cutting during the afternoon, followed by a private VIP evening gathering to honor all of the hard work and dedication that has been put forth into the project. Michael’s remarks prior to the ribbon cutting are shared below. Later in the evening, Michael was awarded the 2015 City of Chillicothe Mayor’s Award for the “Carlisle Building Renovation Project.” Throughout the day, nearly 1,000 tours were given of the astounding and meticulously restored building. Both the renovation and the celebration honoring the new life of The Carlisle Building and its wonderful community could not have been a greater success.

Michael Chesler’s Remarks for The Carlisle Grand Opening



The Amenities of The Carlisle Building

Some of the best features that The Carlisle Building has to offer for its new tenant, Adena Health System, are its modern and up-to-date amenities. These contemporary updates, especially for the suites, are featured in the article below.

Chillicothe’s Carlisle Building once again center of downtown revitalization

Join us for The Carlisle’s Grand Opening

Please join us and the Chillicothe Community to celebrate the successful renovation of The Carlisle Building. The long anticipated revealing and grand opening will be held on Monday, Oct. 19th at 12pm. Below please find the timeless and sophisticated invitation that Adena Health System designed for the private VIP event.

Monday, Oct. 19th at 12pm
The Carlisle Building
9 S. Paint Street
Chillicothe, OH 45601

VIP Carlisle Invitation