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Grand Opening Highlights

The News Watchman notably captured all the highlights of The Carlisle Building’s ribbon cutting ceremony that took place Monday, October 19, 2015.

“In 1885, I’m sure that a group of residents gathered here on this very spot to talk about a collection of brick, timber, and stone. It was a day of celebration, I’m sure, because their town now had an icon of success. Here we are today, celebrating a historic icon that represents the best of who we are as men and women,” said Chesler. “The Carlisle was a triple threat — burned, water damage, and neglect. For most, it was a defeat, but for me, it was an opportunity and a challenge … Like any endeavor, you break down a challenge to its component parts, work methodically, and never give up. While the Carlisle certainly scared me, it helped me to be stronger, smarter, and more diligent. Buildings and architecture represent our most important achievements as humans, and the very fabric of who we are is rooted in our buildings and our homes … In 1885, the Carlisle established Chillicothe as a success. Today, the Carlisle does it again.”

Please visit the link below for the entire article.

Rededicating a ‘Crown Jewel’: Ribbon cutting ceremony held at Chillicothe’s Carlisle building
– News Watchman