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A New Discovery: Historic Engraved Bricks Sited in The Carlisle Building

Our construction crew recently discovered an exciting and novel piece of history! During the restoration of the exterior façade of The Carlisle Building, historic engraved bricks were found on the second-story. This is a notable find, for it further tells the strong history between The Carlisle Building and its prominent role in the history of Chillicothe, OH. The bricks encompass initials and the date of 1885, the year of which The Carlisle Building was brought to life. Furthermore, these are thought to be the initials of the original brick mortars constructing the Carlisle and becoming a part of the story of its grand structure. Research has begun to uncover the names and possible lineage of the masonry builders.

One brick has the etched initials C.M. and the date 1885 and another has the etched initials R.P. and the date 1885.

The bricks will not be relocated, as they are thought to be in their original place. This adds to the great history of The Carlisle Building and its past and present significance to Chillicothe and its community. The discovery symbolizes The Carlisle Building’s revitalization into the extraordinary building it once was and its preservation for future generations.

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